Finding musical gems in the 99% of music that isn’t being shoved in your face. Focusing on the 1% of music that might otherwise go unheard.

Some Of The Elite MP3 Bloggers

From the time I discovered there was a world of great music seething beyond my brother’s record collection, I have spent the majority of my energy exploring music that is new to me. Read on and hear more at my blog.

Helping create and expose new music is my greatest joy. I founded Beserkley Records in 1973 and Fun Fun Fun Media in 2009 to do just that. As one of the FunFunFun Bloggers, I host music free for download, that I think you should know about. You can hear all my posts at my site.

In my second year of blogging about GR8 music, I posted one song a day, so there’s 365 GR8 songs at my site.


My music discoveries go to eleven. You can hear all my selections here.

I enjoy sharing music discoveries as much as I like playing music. As such, I’ve been blogging about music for years. You can hear my wildly eclectic mp3 finds here.


There are so many wonderful recordings in the public domain. We’ve posted a ton of them at our public domain mp3 site.

I post one GR8 song a day. You can hear them all at my site.

Hi, I’ve been posting one song a week from listening to all the other bloggers. If you want to hear them all, come to my website,